Horz is a God from Slavic mythology. Some sources say he was the God of sun, others, of moon. Then some say he was both, representing the inner good and bad sides of man. An eclectic and multi-faceted god, much like our own Horz.

We are a collective dedicated to different forms of creative expression.


The main core of our collective are

PREDRAG OKILJEVIĆ, saxophonist, legal, IP consultant
pedja.oki [at] gmail.com


LAV KOVAČ, drummer, keyboardist & composer
lavisintheair [at] gmail.com


VASIL HAJIGRUDEV, bassist, composer, conductor
hajigrudev [at] gmail.com


ZSOLT ARGYELAN, trumpet player, composer, manager
zsoltargyelan [at] gmail.com

DIMITRIJE JAKOVLJEVIĆ, guitarist, sound engineer, producer
edmund.lesenn [at] gmail.com


MARKO ČURČIĆ, bassist & composer
whale91 [at] gmail.com


DANIEL MORE, bassist, improviser & educator
d.nimor [at] gmail.com


mezzasegale [at] gmail.com
SANJA ANĐELKOVIĆ did the artwork and cover design, the logo and helped with the visual identity. LAZAR ČURČIĆ did artwork.


Interested in collaborating with us? have questions, wishes or comments? write us an email - horzmusic@gmail.com